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“The Elevator” is a ten-episode series, one part “The Apprentice” and one part “Shark Tank” combined with a social enterprise incubator that travels from city to city, country to country, to solve the world's most pressing social and environmental problems.

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written by Seanne N. Murray, Greg Lawson and Robb Edward Morris

Robert and John is a story for the heroes, the survivors, the lost souls. It’s a period piece for those who believe in the American dream in spite of history, past and present. It’s for those who dare to question, transform and pursue a better future. It is buttressed by by a U.S. high school tour of the film with renowned panelists to discuss loss and temporary defeat is the fuel for compassion.

Formerly known as Chicago 1919 as seen in Deadline Hollywood.


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by Seanne N. Murray

The Art of Submission is about a successful Manhattan lawyer with a history of sexual violence who has the chance to reawaken her innate artistic talent and free herself from potential death at the hands of her sadistic husband, but with the help of her lover must learn to acknowledge herself as a powerful, erotic woman before she can choose her life’s direction. It is supported by the I AM, Vagina Monologue's style, Tour.

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Stop All Violence is an agent of peace building partnerships that connect capital, expertise, and vision for evidence-based change worldwide.

Stop All Violence focuses on effectively reducing violence, and hence, the quality of life for humankind. The social enterprise builds partnerships that connect capital, expertise, and vision by working with individuals and organizations to discover, develop and support solutions that result in evidence-based change worldwide.


Mission: To be the most effective agent of peace in the world.


Vision: A gentle world.


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by Seanne N. Murray
(with Angela Bundrant, and Ozlem Tuskan, on air)

You’re a woman in the workplace and that’s hard as hell to navigate. Each week, women from around the world with decades of experience as employees and entrepreneurs share their most crazy war stories. If you want to know how to thrive in a man’s world or, better yet, how to create your own, don’t miss an episode!

THE WOMAN'S PLAYBOOK (Instagram Post (Square)).png

by Lori Aleta Danley and Seanne N. Murray

A peek into the beauty secrets, healing practices and wisdom of undiscovered women from around the world. The women featured in Women's Wisdom will have the opportunity to offer their unique products to the viewers. 

Happy Girls
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