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Attain 9, Inc. is a pioneering production company that unites media, community engagement, and business to spark positive social, economic, and environmental change, fostering global prosperity. Our mission is crystal clear: empower individuals to find their purpose, achieve their dreams, and create a positive impact on people and the planet.

We're fueled by the transformational power of media and social enterprise on a global scale, aiming to uplift communities and contribute to worldwide prosperity.

Our commitment is firm, and we seamlessly blend investment opportunities into our media platforms for the benefit of all, promoting economic growth and global prosperity.


Our ultimate goal? To become the largest and most influential company dedicated to these noble principles, always focused on delivering real-world results.


change the world


Purpose Driven Content


Social and Environmental Impact


Community Empowerment


Influence and Leadership


Elevated Prosperity


Global Transformation

Whereas social enterprises are business that have specific social objectives that seek to maximize profits while maximizing benefits to society and the environment, NOW, THEREFORE, ATTAIN 9 INC., its officers, advisors, investors and supporters, proclaim this DECLARATION OF SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY as a common standard of conviction for all people and nations to the end that each, always keeping this Declaration in mind, shall strive by motivating, educating and empowering social entrepreneurs and impact enterprises, to secure the collective social and environmental well-being and advancement of planet Earth and its people. ​Article 1. It is essential to champion a global view of humanity and sustainability amongst nations. ​Article 2. It is self-evident that there is an answer to every question and a solution to every problem, and, as such, we proclaim it our duty, in the face of adversity, to seek the same. ​Article 3. It is necessary to recognize literature, art, science and technology, all of which may evolve into social enterprise and do uplift the consciousness, well-being and capability of humanity at large as indispensable to the elevation and creation of personal, professional and community innovation. ​Article 4. It is necessary to follow motivation for change with opportunity and action that supports the fulfillment of positive and quantifiable social and environmental impact. ​Article 5. It is crucial, if we are to save the planet and humankind, that the development of financially secure social enterprises is proclaimed the highest aspiration of corporate development. ​Article 6. It is imperative to advocate the narrative that profiting from propelling social and environmental progress and better standards of life for others is honorable and commendable. ​Article 7. It is our obligation, as beneficiaries of those who have historically devoted themselves to the betterment of our lives, to actively participate as living contributors to the advancement and security of the lives of others. Article 8. It is vital to present ourselves as examples of active readiness and responsibility appreciating the privilege to participate in the emergence of idea origination and materialization. ​Article 9. It is fundamental that we reaffirm our faith in global humanity and our duty to work collectively for the peace, freedom, justice, security, sustainability and prosperity of our planet and he human race.

Declaration of Social Responsibility

Our team is talented and diverse, bringing expertise in law, finance, technology, cyber security, sports, entertainment, and more to the table. We celebrate our organic diversity, and we're honored to have a Vietnam veteran as part of our team.

The Attain 9 Team

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