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Personal Transformation

There is no change without tumult, without the underwater head gasping for air, the hands pressing down, the cheering, or worse, the crowd ignoring your plight.

The dark night of the soul, and there may be more than one, is the soil that feeds the seed of growth.

It’s the fuel for the uncovering, the uprising of self in its truest form.

Let there be no doubt that the experience of life can and will be joyous and miserable, fascinating, and mundane.

There is no transformation without turbulence.

Adversity sets the stage for triumph, and no one emerges from the storm unchanged or unscarred. Hardship is the tattooing of life on your conscience, the war paint. It’s also the food for compassion, mercy and understanding.

The wisdom derived from treachery, debauchery, can result in wholeness, in the recognition that temptation, itself, lives within us all. Temptation is not external. It’s evidence of the judgment that lives within us.

Choice is personal, intimate.

To be persistently incorruptible is the human challenge. God will always be just.

It’s foolhardy to believe that champions are born with virtue. Righteousness is learned and earned.

Goodness is a choice.

So, do not fear evil. Fear the contents of your mind, the weakness of your soul, the acceptance of disfunction.

It is never too late to submit, to let the radiance of the light bring you to shore.


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