• Seanne N. Murray

The Other Side

Sometimes we find ourselves on the other side of things, the other side of wrong or right, the other side of success or failure.

There’s a space, no matter how small, that always connects those sides, makes them achievable and fluid.

We can push through with purpose or with aggression and we can slip through seamlessly without effort.

The experience of both sides is where we find equilibrium. It’s the space from which we grow, where we choose our path and stay on or off one track or another.

Some choose to trail on that thin line, the the element of choice always present, but never moved. Others experience one without the other.

Those who experience both often make a bold choice, a life bearing decision, a dark night of the soul moment, that sheds light on the trajectory of their lives.

That choice represents a mind behind bars, limited in scope and rife with authority or a heart, autonomous and unlimited, stretching around the world and through the universe with boundless innovation and opportunity.

The contrast itself is the evolutionary vehicle, the transformative revolution of life.

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