• Seanne N. Murray

Influencer? What does that mean again?

I find myself talking frequently about what it means to be an influencer these days.

Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development or behavior of something.

With the advent of social media, we have confused the meaning of influence with marketing and selling.

Individuality has morphed into the obscurity of sameness. "Followers” feel accepted, a part of something, once they have the things, the accoutrement, of those they look up to or aspire to be.

Meanwhile, the real influencers, those who seek to innovate, to improve, to change, anything from culture to the planet itself, are often invisible, left to their own devices, hoping to, at some point, be supported for their work and commitment to betterment.

I have set out to change the world through a series of products and productions from Stop Stuff to Chicago 1919 to Attain 9 Global, each created to raise our individual and collective vibration and make a tangible difference, moving us from complaining to attaining.

My goal is always to elevate our human experience on a personal and community level.

When I think of opulence, I think of the richness of humanity, of behavior that moves mindfully and globally for our collective progress.

I believe in making money while doing good, a stigma that needs to be eradicated immediately. The more financially stable, wealthy even, we can become while doing good, the more progress we will make as others become part of the movement.

If there was ever a time to emerge with a clear definition of what it means to influence, to motivate and empower young (and older) minds to convert their dreams into reality, it is now.

Let us acknowledge actors and musicians for their skill at entertaining us, an area that can also be motivating and world shaking and move into a world where the concept of influencer always has a positive spin.

Let us take our rightful place as changemakers, people who are aggressive about impact and solutions, people who are not afraid to put themselves on the line and move their groundbreaking ideas into reality.

Attain 9 Global is motivating and empowering people to create businesses that solve the world’s social and environmental problems.

We are here to provide the tangible support necessary to bring the best ideas to fruition. We define profitability in terms of both money and impact.

If you are ready to attain, we are ready to help.

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