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Seanne N. Murray, J.D.

Founder/Chief Attainment Officer

Born in Detroit, raised in Westport, Connecticut and educated with academic scholarships at Howard University and Temple University School of Law, Seanne N. Murray aspired to change the world from the early age of seven. She practiced law, worked on the institutional side of Wall Street and was recruited to manage large scale entertainment organizations associated with her family’s Motown legacy. Ms. Murray has authored several publications including an op ed in the Miami Herald and her first book, The Art of Submission, The Woman’s Guide to Fulfillment, a guide to self-actualization. She is a co-founder and was an editor of the Political and Civil Rights Law Review at Temple University School of Law and produced and chaired a panel on clean drinking water at Harvard Law School in 2018. She’s collaborated with icons including Ted Field, Berry Gordy, Larry King, Jerry Levin and Smokey Robinson. Since 2001, following her personal experience on 9/11, she’s been devoted to social impact through media and social enterprise including Stop Stuff to mitigate gun violence, 90 Minutes of Solutions for social change, Chicago 1919, a historical drama announced in Deadline Hollywood, The Ara Initiative for clean water and, now, Attain 9 Global. Ms. Murray’s primary focus is building the largest generator of social impact enterprise worldwide.


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Advisory Board


Rosanna Arquette

Rosanna Lisa Arquette was born in New York City to a show business family. Her mother Mardi was a poet, political activist and therapist who deeply influenced Rosanna’s compassionate worldview. Her siblings Patricia Arquette, David Arquette, Alexis Arquette and Richmond Arquette all followed her into the family tradition as accomplished working actors. Throughout her career she has worked with some of Hollywood and Independent Cinema’s most important and influential directors including, Blake Edwards (S.O.B.), John Sayles (Baby It’s You), Lawrence Kasden (Silverado), Martin Scorsese (After Hours, New York Stories), Luc Besson (The Big Blue), Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction), David Cronenberg (Crash), Vincent Gallo (Buffalo 66) and Alison Anders (Sugar Town). She has appeared in over 70 films, which have earned over $450 million in domestic box office sales. Rosanna won the British Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her star-making performance opposite Madonna in Susan Seidleman’s 1985 hit, “Desperately Seeking Susan.” She was nominated for an Emmy for her strong performance in the television adaptation of Norman Mailer’s, “The Executioner’s Song” opposite Tommy Lee Jones. Rosanna also starred in the acclaimed TV movie adaptations of “Song of the Morning Star“ and “Johnny Belinda.” Rosanna Arquette starred in the ABC series “What About Brian” from executive producers J.J. Abrams and Dana Stevens. She has guest starred in numerous television series such as “Will & Grace”, “The Practice”, “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”, “The L Word”, “Royal Pains’” HBO’s Emmy winning show, “Girls”, Showtime’s hit, “Ray Donovan” and NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU”. Rosanna Arquette’s vast experience in the world of film and television has inspired her to explore and expand her talent as a filmmaker into the realm of directing and producing with two highly acclaimed documentaries, 2002’s “Searching for Debra Winger” and 2005’s “All We Are Saying.” She is currently developing projects for both television and film through her company, Flower Child Productions. She’s hosted Saturday Night Live and has appeared on the cover of many magazines throughout the years. Rosanna Arquette is a busy actress and filmmaker whose passion for her work is matched only by her passion for her daughter Zoe Bleu Sidel, her family and her work as a breast cancer awareness advocate and human rights activist.

Attain 9 Global Ambassadors


Thomas Cooke, Brand Consultant, Porsche

Melanie Felton, Founder, Life Balance Personal Care Home & Home Care

Debra Gordon, Founder, Nexus Investment Consultants

Tess LaBella, SAG-AFTRA, Actress, Voiceover, Author

Robin Rone, President & CEO, Human Resources Management Association of Chicago

Marlo Marcel Tafarella, Founder, Marlo's Massage


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