We're  transforming solutions into ownership and impact around the world.


The Game Plan

In broad terms, Attain 9 consists of four main parts: motivational events, business incubation, content production and funding to launch new social impact enterprises.

1. Annual events that inspire and pitch competitions that empower.

2. Solution oriented ideas selected for incubation, transforming solutions into ownership.

3. Production of a global reality series where winning is the advancement of mankind.

4. Investment in social impact enterprises through crowd funding, angel investors and venture capital.

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You'll receive coaching from the who's who of been there, done that.

You'll be swaddled in the tools of the rich and famous, the best of what’s available to induce and support innovation and success.

Greek Paradise

Are you ready for a new reality?

9 people from around the globe who have the next big idea to change the world receive the opportunity of a lifetime, invited to Attain 9 Global, an impact incubator where no idea is insane, where success is encouraged, but failure, even if temporary, is guaranteed.

Cameras follow your every move as you learn what it takes to be a social entrepreneur, as ideas get crushed and flourish, as pressures consume and progress prevails.

Attain 9 Global is a human drama where real people are exposed to and reveal the ups and downs of birthing an idea, where suffering is inevitable, but winning is the only option because personal success and the advancement of mankind depends on it.

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Readiness is an activity.