We utilize the power of media and social enterprise to illuminate the world's problems and empower impact entrepreneurs to solve them.


To attain is to succeed in achieving a thing, to come or arrive by motion, growth or effort, to take a thing to its final point.

Attain 9 Global is where inspiration and action intersect.

Change makers, from kids to adults, are inspired, embracing change, and represent a world of infinite possibility. We are not parading the most flattering aspects of our lives, but the most meaningful.​

Our approach to expansion is to transform that passion by creating an environment rich in resources, nourishment and support, to solve some of the world’s most important social and environmental problems and improve the lives of millions, even billions, around the world.

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We're tapping into worldwide expertise to cultivate the pathway for solutions to social and environmental issues.


Attain 9 Global's social contract is dream fulfillment.

We do not believe in chasing or following dreams, but in attaining them.

Attain 9 Global is a movement.

Our mission is to be the largest generator of social enterprise world-wide. We envision a future where we live purpose driven lives, recognize our ability to use our collective power to heal ourselves and the planet, and advocate social enterprise as the preferred means to generate wealth.

Our definition of social enterprise is broad, including traditional and non- traditional business models and incorporates innovations in art, music, film, and more, with specific social objectives.

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We are global citizens, true pioneers on the border of un-chartered territory.